Tips to Reinforce Good Posture

On a daily basis I preach the importance of good posture. Posture is a habit our muscles mold into. Good posture doesn’t just happen. We have to make a conscious effort to engage our core, pull our shoulders back and tuck our chin. It takes consistency to make it a habit. Here are a few tips to help realign during the day.

If you’re out running errands, take a peek at your reflection through a store front window. Are your shoulders rounded? Are you leaning more towards one hip? Is your head or belly protruding forward? Take time to nitpick – eventually you’ll fall into your optimum posture naturally.

If you’re sitting down a large portion of the day, make sure your ergonomics are in order. Elbows, hips and knees should be at a 90 degree angle, computer screen at eye level. Include lumbar support to take strain off the lower back. Stand up, walk, and rotate your head every 20 minutes.

Here are a few bullet point tips;

  • ➡Engage your mid back muscles by bringing your scapulae (flat triangular bones on top of posterior ribs) closer together.
  • ➡Tuck your chin in, by moving it backwards and not downwards toward chest.
  • ➡”Zip” up your abdominals by contracting them (squeezing) and anchor your ribcage down. Imagine hugging your spinal column with your abdomen.
  • ➡When standing, imagine equally distributing your weight as oppose to leaning heavily on one side.
  • ➡Alternate the side you carry extra baggage or better yet the kind of bag you carry, e.g., messenger, backpack, crossover.

And if you don’t remember any of this! just stand tall and breathe deep!

Best in health,

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